Kristy: «Grey is just another hair color and it is a beautiful color!»

To Grey or Not to Grey, that is the Question.

That’s really what it comes down to — what makes you happiest, whether it’s covering up your greys hair or fully accepting them.

Thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic, many girls and women have started to let their white hair grow naturally.

And, knowingly or unknowingly, they joined the international Silver Sisters’ Movement.

This is a community of women dedicated to celebrating the natural phenomenon of grey/silver/white hair on the everyday woman — but it’s about so much more than just hair.

The transformation of the Silver Sisters is all about one’s way of being, to discover our true colors and show them freely to the world out there.

Some of the Silver Sisters saw their first white hair appear as little girls, others during adolescence, most of them after the age of thirty-five.

All, for a long time, underwent the ritual of dyeing white, grey or salt and pepper roots and all, in the end, chose to stop.

To the cry of: ditch the dye!


To get the lowdown on how to go grey gracefully, I talked to a lovely and funny Silver Sister: Kristy aka its.a.kristy.thing.

Going against the norm.
Embracing silver since May 2021.
Hoping to inspire & show the world that natural beauty is amazing!
Based in Malaysia.

What is the “Silver Sisters’ Movement” and what is its mission?

We are here to try to change the mindset of society, that grey does NOT mean old, or ugly or not fashionable.

«We want to show the world that grey is just another hair color and it is a beautiful color. And that it is a wonderful thing to embrace and accept our natural hair color.

Just like how it’s important for women to feel confident with their natural body and looks, this is about being confident with their natural hair color and texture.»


When did you decide to stop dyeing your hair?

«I’ve had grey hair since I was a teenager, and started covering it up since I was 21. I’m 42 this year and over the last few years, started toying with the idea of letting my greys grow out, but never really acted on it because “I was still too young”.»

Long story short, Covid happened, lockdowns happened and I took the opportunity to start growing them out.
My last dye was in April 2021.

Was it difficult to keep your purpose?

«Not really as I did it during lockdown, so by the time lockdown was over and I could go out, I already had about 3-4 months of growth. It was easier then as I could just tie everything up and the demarcation line wasn’t so obvious.

Of course having the support and inspiration from the Silver Sisters Community was a HUGE help as well, and that helped keep me going, as it’s still quite an unacceptable thing to do here especially in my culture, where the women in their 80s are still coloring their hair!


We are talking about hair but we are not just talking about hair… The transformation of the Silver Sisters is something complex and very deep, right?

«Yes, it is. That’s why it’s called a journey.

It’s not just about growing out the greys.
This journey also changes us.

It teaches us patience. It teaches us to be positive and strong, and supportive.

Most importantly, it teaches us not to put too much importance into what others say or think about us.

It teaches us to put ourselves first. To do what makes us happy. It builds confidence.

And it is very liberating once you achieve this inner acceptance.

And it is very liberating once you achieve this inner acceptance.»

How did your friends react to your change of look? And what about strangers?

«I’ve had one or two negative comments.

My mom wasn’t supportive at all, and kept saying I was too young. But eventually, she accepted it and is now on her own transition to silver too!

My friends have all been very very supportive of my decision and kept cheering me on.

It’s easy when you have such supportive friends.

Strangers? Well, I haven’t had any comments from them yet. So I’ll take that as a good sign.»


How does the beauty routine of silver / gray / white hair change? Are there any products that are more suitable than others that should be used?

«I have always been a very low maintenance type of girl, hardly styled my hair or applied products before this, and it got even easier after I started growing out my greys.

I don’t even need to make my monthly trips to the salon anymore, except for a quick trim every now and then.»

Do you think that someday you will dye your hair again?

No, definitely not. I love the freedom that grey hair has given me, and I feel good, so no, not going back to dye ever again.

«However, I might play around with temporary hair colors. Now that my hair is more grey than black, I can apply temporary colors without having to bleach my hair and that’s the fun part!»

Three tips you would give to the Silver Sisters who have just embarked on this journey…

Be patient.
Have fun.
Trust the process!

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