Romana: “The Silver Sisters are a Generous Community of Women supporting each other and holding each others back!”

Romana Silver Sister

To Grey or Not to Grey, that is the Question.

That’s really what it comes down to — what makes you happiest, whether it’s covering up your greys hair or fully accepting them.

Thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic, many girls and women have started to let their white hair grow naturally.

And, knowingly or unknowingly, they joined the international Silver Sisters’ Movement.

This is a community of women dedicated to celebrating the natural phenomenon of grey/silver/white hair on the everyday woman — but it’s about so much more than just hair.

The transformation of the Silver Sisters is all about one’s way of being, to discover our true colors and show them freely to the world out there.

Some of the Silver Sisters saw their first white hair appear as little girls, others during adolescence, most of them after the age of thirty-five.

All, for a long time, underwent the ritual of dyeing white, grey or salt and pepper roots and all, in the end, chose to stop.

To the cry of: ditch the dye!

To get the lowdown on how to go grey gracefully, I talked to a cool and funny Silver Sister: Romana (aka roma_goes_ashy), she is a Slovak grombre girl.

She is 41yo, working as a Property Accounting Manager in the corporate company, spending free time with family, traveling or in the nature. She is a big fashion lover and cosmetics tester. 

What is the “Silver Sisters’ Movement” and what is its mission?

«When I first found the hashtag #SilverSisters I was not a fan to be honest!

I never experienced such kind of „sisterhood“ which is more common in US. In Europe we are more suspicious about these things I think.

Also when I look back on my life I realize that I had not many female friends. Always had that one best friend but women are more jealous, they intrigue more, hate more. Friendships with boys were always more easy going.

Then I found this exception! Generous community of women supporting each other and holding each others back.

I was joking the other day that I could travel anywhere in the world and have there a „sister“ that I could possibly meet.

I believe that this community has no borders. It’s mission is clear. To spread kindness, endless support and fun but also taking it as a serious silver revolution to break the stereotypes.

I am now investing that support that I’ve received (hopefully) at the beginning back to the community which is beautiful natural closure of the circle.»

When did you decide to stop dyeing your hair?

«I decided to stop dyeing my hair back in January 2020. Bought that one last box dye and used it. I knew it was the last one. Even knowing it’s the last time there was no nostalgy in it.

I did not enjoy the process before and not even this one last time.

It was just something that „needs“ to be done.» 

Was it difficult to keep your purpose?

«I struggled along the way of course. Everybody does. At least I think that everybody does. But I never ever considered to dye it back alnog the way. It simply was not an option.

I decided to finish it no matter what and see if I like it or not. It isn´t something irreversible, right?

You can dye it back at any time but somehow I was convinced it can and will look good.»

Even when I felt washed out in the first months I was never judging because I knew the final outcome will look completely different.

We are talking about hair but we are not just talking about hair… The transformation of the Silver Sisters is something complex and very deep, right?

«That’s the most talked topic within the community.

It started as a simple hair journey but it turned out to be a lot more than that.

It will put your confidence and you as a personality into so many tests.

I would say it’s not for everybody. 

You will find out that there are so many similarities with other life spheres. You grow as a person you learn selflove and patience from the scratch.

If you have solid base than you will be most probably fine. That patience part I hated most but it taught me that when you want something so badly but you cannot affect it in any way you switch your mindset and realize that the moment you stopped chasing that something it finds you almost within blink of an eye.

There are so many good things that this process gave me and taught me about myself. Which means when you know yourself better you can use it more wisely in the future.»

It also changed my perspective of doing some nonsenses that are acceptable by the society but bringing you absolute zero of benefits.

How did your friends react to your change of look? And what about strangers?

«There were thousands of stares along the way… If I could have a single Euro for each!

To be honest my friends and colleagues are pretty supportive. My family too.

My mom was not a fan at first but now she loves it. Some friends haven’t seen me in a while so they are let’s say adjusting.

Sometimes I greet someone that I know and he is checking who I actually am.

Almost 90% of the people from my work and friends were thinking it’s done in salon! And that is the most common and my favorite opinion. Seeing their faces when I tell them it’s all mine without any effort or costs… I am allways saying I am not that rich to pay for this shade of color in salon.»

I also enjoyed that confusion it creates seeing relative young face with gray hair. 

How does the beauty routine of silver / gray / white hair change? Are there any products that are more suitable than others that should be used?

«I definitely started caring more. Basically switched the harsh dye for the pampering conditioners, masks, oils and bond repairs.

I bleached my hair at the beginning few times to „blend“ the outgrow (turned out to be the worst decision) so I started doing bond repairs at that time and  kept doing them until today – less frequently but deff included in my haircare routine.»

Do you think that someday you will dye your hair again?

«This is a million dolar question! I am like never say never but I became so free not dyeing my hair that I cannot actually imagine going back at this point! The idea of chasing the roots with the box dye every 3 weeks feels like a huge iron ball on my leg that I don’t want.

Maybe one day I wake up and dye it back but I am afraid I would regret that immediately.
Lately I see tons of former silver sisters going back to dye and that’s ok as I say this whole journey is about freedom.

I don’t think hair dye can fix something like personal issues. But it’s such an easy way to change something about yourself. So my answer is NO which is surprise because I get bored easily.»

Three tips you would give to the Silver Sisters who have just embarked on this journey…

«That’s easy one:

  • find someone on the Gram who is in similar stage – you can support each other when things get hard;
  • find someone who is done and could motivate you to keep going and growing;
  • think about is as something that is not permanent but finish it otherwise you’ll never know how the final „product“ will look like!

Many girls after final chop had the experience of shock seeing themselves completely dye free.»

So was aware that after final chop I may need some more time to adjust seeing myself completely grey BUT instead I fell in love since the first minute and that didn’t change until now. 

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